when and How long is the service?

We hold 2 services every Sunday, a morning worship service and an evening worship service. Our morning service begins at 10AM, and our evening service begins at 5PM, and each usually go for about 1 hour. Visitors are also always welcome to stick around for a chat and a coffee afterwards!

What's the difference between the morning and the evening worship services?

The main difference between the morning and evening worship services is the style of music. In the morning, our congregation worships God by singing hymns accompanied by the organ, whilst the congregation in the evening sings a mix of traditional and contemporary songs accompanied by a band. To find out more about our services, please refer to our Worship Services page.

How do people usually dress at this service?

People tend to dress casually at our services, so please come in whatever is comfortable for you!

Where do children fit in at chalmers?

We encourage children of all ages to come along to our Sunday morning or evening service. At Chalmers, we're keen for children to not only learn about God, but to learn to worship him, so we rejoice to see children in church!

To care for parents with young children, we have set aside a quiet area to use when needed. This area has a window and speaker so that occupants can remain a part of the service.

where should i park?

As with many inner city churches, parking can be a challenge. Unfortunately we do not have a car park on premises at Chalmers. Therefore we would recommend arriving a little early to give yourself time to find a nice parking spot. Our favourite spots include along Bayview Avenue, Rathmines Grove and Victoria Road! 

How do I get to chalmers by public transport?

Chalmers can be found at 14 Rathmines Road, Hawthorn East, which is just a short walk from Auburn Train Station! Alternatively, the 624 Bus stops close by.

Where can I find out about what's going on?

To learn about what's happening at Chalmers, take a look at our Events page, where we post about all our latest events and occasions. Alternatively, you can check out our Facebook page - make sure to like and follow to stay informed!